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Live Streaming of over 4,000 Class Sessions for Junior High and High School Students Aoizemi


  • LiveShell X
  • LiveWedge
  • Cable LAN
  • Seminar / Conference

Aoizemi now uses LiveShell X to achieve high quality and simplify troubleshooting operations during live streaming.


Aoizemi( is an online cram school that allows junior high and high school students to study at their own pace and offers the optimal learning experience for a generation of “smartphone-native” students. It delivers live streams of 8 lectures every week, including 5 lectures for junior high school students and 3 lectures for high school students. The participating students can learn by watching the live lectures on their smartphones, tablets or computers.

Previously, Aoizemi was using a video capture card to carry out the live streams on a computer, but after implementing LiveShell X, it is now possible to live stream with a single staff member to handle streaming operations without any issues. Another major advantage of Aoizemi’s new LiveShell X based setup is that a staff member can operate the LiveShell X Dashboard remotely while live streaming a class session.


System architecture

Network Ethernet
  • Windows PC (as the video source)
  • Camera 1 (for projecting magnified footage of the screen)
  • Pin microphone (Teacher)
  • Desk microphone (MC, Moderator)
  • VR-4HD (for switching between the video mixer, Windows PC and camera; also used as an audio amplifier)
  • LCD monitor (for verifying footage of the live stream)
  • LiveShell X (delivers content to AWS MediaLive and records Windows PC)
  • Router (Wired LAN)
Streaming Service
  • A proprietary content-distribution system via MediaLive