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LiveShell W as Part of a Simple Live Streaming Equipment Configuration for Regular Events Drastically Reduces Setup and Dismantling Costs


  • LiveShell W
  • Seminar / Conference
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

This time we spoke to DMM.make AKIBA, a co-working space for manufacturing start-up companies in Akihabara, about how they used Cerevo's LiveShell W live-streaming device when they organized a hybrid offline/online event.

What made you decide to use LiveShell W?

DMM.make AKIBA, a co-working space for manufacturing, is an incubation facility that opened in 2014. Companies and individuals, mainly hardware startups, gather here to create and organize various projects.

Each month, we hold a “Connect and Exchange” gathering to socialize and better communicate among our members. Due to the global pandemic, we have also been organizing on-line events using Zoom webinars so that the members can participate remotely.

While organizing events we always wanted to do a hybrid event, ideally bringing a lively atmosphere.

The equipment we had was not quite adequate to achieve high quality live streaming and there were no staff familiar with such equipment. So we were sort of giving up on holding such a hybrid event.

When we learned about the latest model of live-streaming equipment from Cerevo, they gave suggestions and advice for use at our facility. So we decided to try to use  “LiveShell W” for live-streaming our members’ event.

How was your experience with LiveShell W?

It was the first time for us to use live streaming equipment, but it was very easy to use! LiveShell W can switch between two screens, so we set up one camera to show the event floor and the other screen to show the presentation slides via HDMI from my PC.

It was also easy to operate the dedicated application “LiveShell Studio”, using PinP, and other screen effects as well as adjusting the volume. The LiveShell W unit operation using the device buttons was also very easy and simple. I was able to switch it on the right cue during the event. 

All you need is a PC, camera, and LiveShell W. The simple configuration makes it easy to set up and remove.

By using LiveShell W, we were able to deliver the content we wanted; the real atmosphere of the event. It was highly satisfying. In addition, the good quality SD card recording made an excellent addition to our video library of DMM.make Akiba event content.

DMM.make AKIBA holds various events for both members and non-members, and I believe that LiveShell W has expanded the range of our events even further.

We think we’re now able to organize and live stream events with useful information to more people in the future.

Cerevo Live Streaming Video Encoder, LiveShell W

LiveShell W is the flagship model of Cerevo’s LiveShell Series and is fully equipped with comprehensive functions for live streaming including two video input switching, audio input and control, monitor output and more.